Announcing Accredate

Today, we have launched Accredate, a service and tool to manage accreditation processes for your event. Like most of our work, it’s meant for but not limited to organizers from an art context. Accredate is now in invited beta.

There are so many wonderful art institutions, and so many events organized by them. There are obviously the big ones like documenta, but there are also the small and very small ones. Their organizers all face a common issue, and that is managing accreditations for journalists, professional visitors and other guests.

One way to handle acreditations is to build a Filemaker database and a form that you can put on your website. This is cost-intensive, error-prone, and also not very consistent over time.

The other way is Accredate.

Accredate handles the entire process of accreditations, from the form on your website over reviewing accreditation requests to issuing confirmations and sending them via email. As an organizer, your only place to log in and work with is Accredate. Once you’ve put the form on your website, visitors can apply for an accreditation, and you can review what’s coming in and approve.

And Accredate is even more: People applying for an accreditation can create an account and store their information in there for later review and re-use. Even editing and revoking the submission will be possible, which is a huge step towards data consistency and privacy as it means more control. Storing personal information in Accredate is and will ever be free of charge for individuals.

Here’s a sneak preview to the website:

We’re now in invited beta phase for organizers! If you are an art institution and if you’re going to run an event in the next few months for which you’ll have to handle accreditations, Accredate is for you. Simply drop us a line for an invite.

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