Four simple rules for good to-dos

The time comes you will have to file a to-do or support ticket with us. Here are four simple rules how to write to-dos that will help us answering your requests well.

Brevity is king

Please keep to-do items short and expressive. To add more text, comments, screenshots etc., use the comments feature of the issue tracker or, simply, email. At the same time, be precise: “Change color” won’t help anyone despite being short; “Change color of introduction text” is fair enough and details – like the new color – could be put into the comments.

Stick to one topic at a time

Please don’t squeeze multiple issues in one to-do, even if they’re multiple requests for one page or section of your website. This will help us keeping track of everything, and to estimate in smaller chunks. If what you have in mind is a more in-depth change, perhaps schedule a call with us to discuss, rather than filing a single to-do for a whole new project.

Ask the question rather than providing a solution

If you have issues putting some information on your website and think there’s a structural change required, better describe what you’re trying to do rather than what you think should be done to solve it. Perhaps we can find another solution together, especially one that solves not the special case but the more generic case.

Provide context

We will have to reproduce what you’re seeing, so please provide us with context and/or steps to reproduce the issue. In the simplest case, this is the URL of the page of your website the to-do is about.

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Tablet: from 768px to 1024px

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