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Announcing Accredate

Today, we have launched Accredate, a service and tool to manage accreditation processes for your event. Like most of our work, it’s meant for but not limited to organizers from an art context. Accredate is now in invited beta.


Four simple rules for good to-dos

The time comes you will have to file a to-do or support ticket with us. Here are four simple rules how to write to-dos that will help us answering your requests well.


Our Basecamp process

Our usual project structure includes three parties: The client, a designer, and a developer, all three potentially being represented by more than a single person. From the prototype has been implemented, we are using Basecamp to manage communication between parties.


Lightbox or not

The other day a client told me that he hates lightboxes. ”You can never find the X to close them,” he explained. While I think lightboxes in general are OK, my concern with them is that it’s so hard to find a good mobile counterpart.


Creating an infinite scrolling datepicker

Datepickers which resemble the traditional paper calendar are omnipresent. But if time is moving on, why not scroll through it? Of course, Apple has done it in iOS. As we think it’s a great idea we decided to build our own version of it. For the web.


Prepare to build

Designers often ask what we need to start building a website. Over time, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist for materials that we need. Here’s what we usually ask for.


Thoughts on the Dark Art of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, covers all measurements that aim at making your website appear at a better position among the organic, or unpaid, results of a search engine when particular keywords are entered. In SEO terms, this is called making your website rank higher.

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