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three projects yet in 2022

Source Type

Website for a typographic research and visual literacy platform

Theater an der Ruhr

Website for a theater in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

Kunsthalle Zürich

Website for a contemporary art institution in Zurich.

eleven projects in 2021


Website for a support program for translators.


Website for a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform, and e-mail service.

Staab Architekten

Website for Berlin-based architects.


Website for New York–based architects.

steirischer herbst retrospective

Website showcasing the archive of steirischer herbst.

ZGF Architects

Website for the US-based design firm.


Digital collection of the Museum Kurhaus Kleve

Kunstinstituut Melly

Website for the art institute formerly known as Witte de With.

ten projects in 2020

De Zaak Nu

Website for a Dutch interest group of cultural organizations.

Museum Barberini

Website for an art museum in Potsdam, Germany.


Website for Arno Brandlhuber’s architecture practice.

Architecture Workroom

Website for a cultural innovation platform.

HKW Friends

WordPress theme for the circle of friends of Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin.

Paranoia TV website

Website for the 2020 edition of steirischer herbst, taking place (almost entirely) online.

Heichi Magazine

Website for a Chinese online publication in the art sector.


Website and shop for a contemporary art museum.


Website for an international architecture firm.

Art & Education

Revised front end for a website we built in 2016.

nine projects in 2019

Sternberg Press

Website and e-commerce for a book publisher.

MoMA wall label generator

Web app for MoMA to create their wall labels.

steirischer herbst

Website for an art festival.


Website for an online publication of a Dutch art school.

Höweler + Yoon

Website for a New York based architecture firm.


Website for a museum in Berlin dedicated to the works of the Brücke artists.

Jonathan Han

Website for a graphic designer.

seven projects in 2018

Schauspielhaus Bochum

Website for a theater in Bochum, Germany.

Miller Institute for Contemporary Art

Website for Carnegie Mellon University’s contemporary art gallery.

Serie Architects

Website for an architecture practice based in London and Amsterdam.

Bauhaus Imaginista

Website for an online scientific publishing platform.

Allmann Sattler Wappner

Website for an architecture firm based in Munich.


Website for a support program for translators.

nine projects in 2017

Orion Heritage

Website for a company providing independent advice to the private sector aimed at resolving the often conflicting demands of conservation.

Generation Wealth

Website for a book by American artist Lauren Greenfield.

Berkely Center for New Media

Website for a research, teaching, and public events program at the University of California, Berkeley.

documenta Archive

Website for the documenta Archive in Kassel.

Migrations of Artists

Interactive map showing migrations of artists from the collections of five international museums.

Bard Graduate Center

Website for a graduate institute and exhibition space located in New York City.

Claudia Comte

Website for a Swiss artist, showing data imported from an Art Butler database.

Portikus Under Construction

Website as an online video resource complementing the book Portikus Under Construction.

e-flux art

Microsite promoting the launch of the new dot art top level domain.

fifteen projects in 2016

documenta 14

Website for the 14th edition of documenta, taking place in 2017 in Athens and Kassel.


Design revamp of the website for a museum in Istanbul.


Website for a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform and enterprise.

Studio Joost Grootens

Responsive website for a graphic design studio.


Website for a German project to support cultural organizations outside of metropolitan areas.

Frontiers in Retreat

Website for an international collaboration project constructed around artist residencies.

Witte de With

Website for a museum for contemporary art in Rotterdam.

TWI Germany

Product presentation of a mechanical engineering company.

Fotomuseum Winterthur

Website and online collection browser for a museum for photography.

Fotomuseum Newsletter

Template for the Fotomuseum Winterthur’s weekly email newsletter.


Microsite for communicating a changed brand name.

Alfons Hooikaas

Portfolio website for a designer/illustrator.

100 Years of Now

WordPress theme for a journal accompanying the four-years project at HKW dealing with the global transformations and classification systems that emerged from the First World War.

nineteen projects in 2015

Milieu Grotesque Fonts in Use

Showcase with user contributions upload for a font foundry.

Arts Writers Grant Program

Website for the Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant.

South as a State of Mind #6 [documenta 14 #1]

Website for South as a State of Mind as part of the documenta 14 publishing program.

Birk Heilmeyer and Frenzel Architects

Website with large-sized photographs for an architects office based in Stuttgart.

documenta 14 newsletter

Newsletter template for the documenta 14 exhibition which will take place in 2017 in Athens and Kassel.

HKW newsletter

Responsive newsletter template development for Germany's national centre for the presentation and discussion of international contemporary arts.


Website, webshop and newsletter template for the Portikus, an institution for contemporary art in Frankfurt am Main.

catalogtree 5.0

Website for the Arnhem/Rotterdam based graphic design studio catalogtree.


Website for the non-profit organization hosting the exhibition series documenta.

Project Projects

Responsive website for the New York City based design studio Project Projects.

RCA Design Interactions

WordPress theme for the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art.

Bureau Europa 2015

New version of the website for a museum in Maastricht.

9th Berlin Biennale Newsletter

Email newsletter for the 9th Berlin Biennale.


Website for the knowledge circle design research at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Cooper Robertson

Website for a New York based architecture firm.

Milieu Grotesque

Webshop, font package builder and ecommerce back-end for a font foundry.


twenty-four projects in 2014

Future Urban Regions

Website for a think tank in city development.

Gira Design Configurator

App for iOS and Android (phone and tablet compatible) as well as web app for choosing switch designs.

Philip Wooller

Fully responsive version of our 2012 website for Philip Wooller, London based real estate agent.


Website for a Paris based think tank in the arts.

schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation

Responsive website for Wuppertal based design agency schmitz Visuelle Kommunikation.

Reed Hilderbrand

Responsive website for a practice of landscape architects.


Website for Stuttgart based design agency L2M3.

Folkwang Visual communication

Responsive website for the chair of visual communications at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany.


Website for is a confederation of six major European modern and contemporary art institutions and partners.


Website for the Bauhaus-Archiv museum in Berlin.

ELA Container Blog

Responsive WordPress theme for a company that provides mobile spaces as buy or rent services.


Fully responsive, full-screen website for a Berlin based architecture practice.

Communicating Chronic Pain

Visualization of Tumblr post trees for a research project.

Lower rhine theaters

Website for the theater companies from the Lower Rhine region in Germany.

Martini Dry Chartering

Single-scroll website for a container freight chartering company from Hamburg, Germany.

Last Hijack Interactive

Interactive visualizations for an online documentation about piracy in Somalia.

8th Berlin Biennale Newsletter

Responsive email newsletter for the 8th Berlin Biennale.

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

Website for a nonprofit grantmaking organization and think tank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


A portal website featuring a calendar of events from the Lower Rhine area in Germany, including the migration of 50.000 event records from the previous website.

Vereniging Veronica

Responsive single-page WordPress-Template for a Dutch media company.

De Zaak Nu research

Research portfolio.


twenty-two projects in 2013

ELA Container

Responsive website for a company that provides mobile spaces as buy or rent services.

Cultural area Lower Rhine

Website for a cultural art network in the Lower Rhine area, Germany.


A planning, mapping and networking tool for communities. Final project after the pilot phase 2011–2013.

Hunger For Trade

Website with globe visualization for an international theater project.

Van Abbemuseum collection print

Generated wall print of >2000 artworks of the museum’s collection.


Website for a studio at the crossroads of architecture, art and science.


Website for an artist in residence in The Hague.

Wired Food Network

Interactive charts for WIRED’s November 2013 issue, both online and table.


Website for Amsterdam based graphic designer Edwin van Gelder.

Wagner Rexin

One-page portfolio for a design studio.

It's Istanbul

WordPress theme for an Istanbul based creative platform.

carlier | gebauer Newsletter

Newsletter template and mailing system for an art gallery.

Wir arbeiten für Sie

Website with automatic PDF generator and image base for a Swiss federal organization.


Interactive documentary and visualization of Twitter data.

Museum Network Lower Rhine

Website for a network of museums in the Lower Rhine area, Gemany.

RISD Museum

Website with collection integration with thousands of objects.


Website for a non-profit organization engaging public in dialogue about change.

Visual Safety News

Extension of the existing website with a news section.

Kunst-Werke Berlin

Website for an institute of contemporary art in Berlin.

Kunst-Werke Berlin Newsletter

Newsletter template for a Berlin based museum.

Reinventing School from A to Z33

A dictionary like website for an education project.


thirty-three projects in 2012

Global Centre for R2P

Website for the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

fiftyfifty pack ein!

Website for the 2012 Christmas special of fiftyfifty, a street paper in Düsseldorf (Germany).

MVVA Mobile

Mobile version of a website for an architects office based in New York City and Cambridge.

Philip Wooller

Website for London based estate agent Philip Wooller which pulls data automatically from a real estate agent portal.

Studio CRR

Website for a design studio from Zurich.

Roobmanmeay (poster)

Visualization of three million data records for a poster showing donations for the candidates of the US presidential election 2012.

Alpine Research

Website for the world’s first crowd source database for freeski equipment.

Boijmans Collection Book

Individual layout software for the collection book of the museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Jonathan Han

Website for a designer based in New York City.

Doppeltes Berlin

Website for the initiative Weltkulturerbe Doppeltes Berlin.

Het Vijfde Seizoen

Website for an artist in residence project.

Wiel Arets Architects

Website for an architects office.

Wiel Arets Architects mobile

Mobile version of a website for an architects office.

StudioMakgill 2012

2012 redesign of a website for a graphic design studio from Brighton, United Kingdom. 

Alvin Chan 2012

Website for a designer and creative director.

Purple PR

Wordpress based website for a PR company in London.

Landschap in Perspectief

Website for a joint reserach program of Marres Projects, Bureau Europa and SKOR.

De Zaak Nu Member Profiles

Editable profile pages for member institutions, with member login to allow easy updates.

Underground Kiteboards

Website with parallax scrolling for a manufacturer of kiteboards.


Development of a  presentation template for a talk in the series Stilvorlagen °7 – Respekt.

The Deleted City 2.0

Touch-based visualization of 37.000.000 files from Geocities.

Architecture Workroom Brussels

Website for a think-and-do tank for innovation in architecture, urban planning and other fields relating to spatial development.

Anneke de Boer Archive

A website with tag-based navigation for an artist from Rotterdam.

Park Supermarkt

Website for an architecture project.

Schneider Electric Download Center

Document download portal for the German branch of an international corporation.

Terrain R&D

WordPress theme for a Singapore based design studio.

Berliner Festspiele Website

Consultancy and frontend development for the Berliner Festspiele website.

NAiM / Bureau Europa newsletter

Template development for a Maastricht based museum’s newsletter.

Berliner Festspiele newsletter

Template development for the weekly Berliner Festpiele newsletter.

Berliner Festspiele home page

New home page for the Berliner Festspiele website.


twenty-two projects in 2011

Art Overijssel

Digital exposition space for the Dutch province Overijssel.

KCAP help desk

Help desk for an architects and planners office.

KCAP Intranet

Intranet for an architects and planners office.

The Rise of the Machines

Interactive HTML5 infographic for Popular Science’s web and iPad issues.

Probe 2.0

Website for an art project.


Website, media archive and teacher backend for an art education project with children.

Schneider Electric EVlink

Microsite for mobile devices (especially iPhone and Android).

KCAP acquisition tool

Software to support aquisition for an architects and planners office.


E-commerce website for a Swiss mailorder specializing of decoration foils.

Out of Storage

Website for an exhibition in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Art challenge 2011 image gallery

Extension of the website for the 20th edition of the art challenge of Germany’s Fedestral Ministry of Education and Research by an image gallery.

Aline Keller

Website for an Amsterdam based artist.


Website for a producer and distributor of contemporary commodities.

De Zaak Nu

Website for a Dutch interest group of cultural organizations.

Community21 Pilot

Pilot web app for a community planning website.

KCAP Architects&Planners

Website for an architects and planners office.


Website for real estate developers.

Christian Riis Ruggaber

A photographer’s portfolio, excellent on the iPad.

Kreis Klever KulTourtage 2011

Third issue of the central website for the museum weekend in the Kleve district, Germany.

Money & Speed: iPad app

iPad app for TV documentary (the world’s first ‘TouchDoc’).

Money & Speed: Visualizations

Visualization of financial data for a TV documentary.


nineteen projects in 2010


Website for the Serener.org design collection.

De Uithof Expedities

Google Maps based website visualizing the art routes on the campus of Utrecht University.

Art challenge 2011

Website for the 20th edition of the art challenge of Germany’s Fedestral Ministry of Education and Research.

Berlage Institute 2010

Redesign and extensive functional extension of the Berlage Institute's website.


Website to present the d.lab trademark of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Visual Safety* web catalog

Online catalog and e-commerce shopping solution for ordering car decoration foils.

Beyond Green 2010

Microsite for a symposium about sustainability in the fashion industry.

Visual Safety*

Website for a company that delivers custom-made car decoration foils.

Studio Piet Paris

Website for a design bureau and consultancy.

Christine Alberts Necklaces

Web shop with PayPal integration for necklace designer Christine Alberts.

Graphic Design ArtEZ Arnhem

Student portfolio website for the Graphic Design department of ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem.

SUB office blog

Custom WordPress theme for the Amsterdam based architects SUB office.

Half Full

Website with Twitter integration for a restaurant in Mill Hill, London.


Portfolio website for a graphic design studio in Rotterdam.

Kreis Klever KulTourtage 2010

Second issue of the central website for the museum weekend in the Kleve district, Germany.


A website bringing it to the point, with integrated PDF manager.


A small website for the art project Probe.


eighteen projects in 2009

De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek

A straightforward online-ordering portal for print-on-demand books. Integrated with the printer's order processing system.

Studio Makkink & Bey

Website with built-in landscape tool.

Meeuwig & Zn.

Straightforward, but still equipped with a content management system.

Beyond Green 2009

For the second time, Systemantics realized the conference website.

La Bellone

Online portal providing simple browsing access to over 50,000 records in a theater play database.

De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek (Interim)

A bit more than a placeholder page for a theater book publisher.

Museum De Paviljoens Newsletter

Email newsletter according to the museum's corporate identity.

Donations Portal Friends of Kleve Museums

Online donations website with plenty of options (one-time, monthly, yearly payments, credit cards etc.).

Museum Kurhaus Kleve Shop

Web shop for the Museum Kurhaus Kleve.

HIV Resource Tracking

Beautiful information resource for researchers and the public.

Groene Golf

Web business card for a company working in the sustainability field.

City Visions Europe

Online archive of articles and videos for an architectural research project.


Website for a startup business.

Marres Maastricht

Web portal of Marres, a Museum in Maastricht, with an online archive of all their exhibitions.

Kreis Klever KulTourtage 2009

Joint website of over 25 cultural institutions in the Kleve district.

Ben Gold Photography

Web portfolio for a photographer.

Berlage Online Applications

Web portal to support the application process at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.

Simons en Boom 2.0

Portfolio website for a graphics design studio.


sixteen projects in 2008

Modebewust? 2.0

Equipped the existing website with a content management system.

Berlage NewsBroadcast

Email newsletter for the Berlage Institute.

Beyond Green

Conference website.

Cobalt Glass and Design

Cobalt designs and builds innovative, beautiful glass products as can be seen on their website.

Space To Take Place

The background image of this website changes depending on the time of the day.

Berlage Institute

Large website and online archive of the famous Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.

Palmboom & van den Bout

Innovative navigation can be seen on this website for a Rotterdam based urban planners office.

Suze May Sho

Website for the art group Suze May Sho.

Bureau Lofvers

Rotterdam based architect, now publishing on a website realized by Systemantics.

Alvin Chan

Website for a designer and creative director.

Palmboom & van den Bout Intranet

Intranet for a Rotterdam based urban planners office, providing access to their library, allowing room reservations and more.

AbkvA Eindexamen 2008

Online yearbook.

Rietveld Landscape

Portfolio website for an landscape planner.

Piet Paris Newsletter

Email newsletter for a fashion illustrator according to his corporate identity.

GOOD Magazine Nation Rebuilding

Graphics scripting for an infographic.

DNA Card

Graphics scripting for a magazine illustration.


fifteen projects in 2007

fiftyfifty underdog

Website for a beneficial project providing medical care to dogs belonging to homeless people.

PlaatsMaken / Digitaal Atelier

Website and shop.

When Bots Attack

Postscript graphics development for an illustration in the famous Wired magazine.

Museum Kurhaus Kleve Newsletter

Email newsletter according to the corporate identity of Museum Kurhhaus Kleve.

Grand Vision

Automated analysis of PLANYC, New York City's plan for the next decade (or so).

Corné Gabriëls

A fashion designer's website.

catalogtree 4.0

Website for the Arnhem/Rotterdam based graphic design studio Catalogtree.

Coppens Alberts

Portfolio website for Amsterdam based graphic design studio Coppens Alberts.

Simons en Boom

Website for Simons en Boom.

Talkshow 2007-03-09 (poster)

Graphic scripting for a poster visualizing a talkshow.

Talkshow 2007-03-09 (visualization)

Online visualization of a talkshow.

Monadnock Logo

Postscript programming to create a self-modifying logo for an architect's office.

VMX Architects

Website for an architecture studio.


nine projects in 2006

Joost Grootens

Web portfolio for a Amsterdam based graphic design studio.

Museum Kurhaus Kleve

Website for Museum Kurhaus Kleve.

Die Metareflektor-Luftoffensive

Website for an exhibition project with interessting navigation.

Coppens & Alberts

Portfolio website for Amsterdam based graphic design studio Coppens Alberts.


Website for a hisorical research project.

van Bergen Kolpa Architecten

Website for a Rotterdam based architecture studio.

Liesbeth Doornbosch

Web portfolio for an artist.

Meeuwig & Zn.

Tinies content management ever, for only the news message.


Information ressource for students dealing with sustainability and social responsibility in fashion.


four projects in 2005

AbkvA Arnhem GO

Website for the graphic design department of ArtEZ Arnhem.

Conrads Gallery

Gallery website.

AbvkA Arnhem Mode

Website for the fashion design department of ArtEZ Arnhem.

catalogtree 3.0

Portfolio website with text-type navigation.


one project in 2004

Katharina Grosse 2.0

Artist website with index-like homepage.

one project in 2001

fiftyfifty Gallery

Website for a Düsseldorf based charity organization and gallery.

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12 column responsive grid
Tablet: from 768px to 1024px

4 column responsive grid
Mobile: up to 767px

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