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Website for a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform and enterprise.

Archive content is presented horizontally for quick and easy browsing: One column per unit (month, Journal issue, etc.), and multiple columns next to each other. For large archives spanning over multiple years, an additional filter function is implemented.

Reading content is presented in a distraction-free reader environment which overlays the archive page. When scrolling down to read texts at length, the top and bottom bar move out of the way for an even better experience. Images can be full width to stand out.

The reader even provides more functionality and context, depending on the page: It allows direct acces to footnotes, links to related articles, similar content, the e-flux Conversations platform, and allows to share content on social media.

Desktop: 1025px and above

12 column responsive grid
Tablet: from 768px to 1024px

4 column responsive grid
Mobile: up to 767px

4 column responsive grid