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Project details

Katharina Grosse 3.0

Website for artist Katharina Grosse.

Having developed Katharina’s previous two websites, the first back in 2001, we were honored that she asked us again to build her 2015 website.

The new website works just like a map. The visitor is invited to explore Katharina’s work.

Entering the website, the visitor sees only a small portion of Katharina’s work.

When zooming out, more comes into view. The whole page is draggable.

Hovering an image reveals details about the work.

Clicking an image reveals all images and information related to that work at a glance.

Desktop: 1025px and above

12 column responsive grid
Tablet: from 768px to 1024px

4 column responsive grid
Mobile: up to 767px

4 column responsive grid